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Blog for the website. Website Description: "Sex and spanking games for naughty parties ; game rules for spin the bottle, truth or dare, strip poker, and other sex games. Free JavaScript games for online use in the game room." This blog will be random notes of webmaster life - that is if I post at all.

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08 September 2006

Yet another new mirror

I signed up with yet another new webspace provider, to have another copy posted. I had planned to have two copies anyway, but someone who linked to the old location wouldn't link to PornParks because it was "linking to a commercial Porn site." Stupid, I think. But anyway it's possible the new location won't strike as so perverted (perhaps that's a sign it isn't perverted enough).

The address again is:

- Davo

01 September 2006

New location

So I've settled on a new location; not ideal but it will do - I sure hope I never have to move it again.   I've been trying to find the links to the old location and get them pointed at the new.

Spanking and Sex Games

07 June 2006

Website smashed by paid provider

From now on I trust no one to whom I pay money. Free has been more reliable than paid, for me.

02 May 2006

Chatroom spanking game under construction

Here is the address

17 April 2006

Adult Party Games forum

I started a Yahoo forum

Adult Party Games

It has 48 members so far, and has been in existence for about a month.    Only two posts by other than myself.     One member each in Spain, Germany, Scotland, and Romania, several in England; the rest in North America or won't say.    I put a posting announcing the new forum in a Yahoo forum called Spanking Links, but havn't done any other sort of solicitation.  - Davo

11 April 2006

Yet another banner exchange

Yet another banner exchange

New link to a directory : Gayscape

Applied to Gayscape, a gay sex directory; not approved yet.

Link is in links page:

The link came with a seach box.
- Davo

09 April 2006

Links to local spanking groups in the USA

For marketing purposes I've produced a clean updated list of local spanking groups in the USA, here is the link to it:

Local Spanking groups in the USA

- Davo

02 April 2006

Good Italian

The Italian version of the home page is now good Italian, supplied by Gianfranco Picasso.

31 March 2006

Italian translations, perhaps.

Babelfish has been translating "nipple" into an Italian word which means "nozzle."    Someone said he might send me some good Italian.

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